Soft Tanning

Soft Tanning - Soft tanning is provided as an additional service at Powderhorn Taxidermy. We offer aggressive turn around times while providing quality workmanship and affordable Prices. Depending on your needs, our process may include skinning, fleshing, and salting if required. Prices are adjusted accordingly. Depending on the animal, the tanning process will be achieved with Lutan F or EZ-100 to produce a soft shiny decorative pelt. Tanning is also available for shoulder mounting, wet tanned, and frozen. To ship your cape, hide, or animal, follow the field care section of our website.  Maximum turn around time on tanned items is 4 months, but normally returned within 2 months. Tanning for taxidermy work will not be soft tanned. Mammals received frozen whole will have an additional $10.00 skinning charge. Hides left 30 days after completion will become the property of Powderhorn Taxidermy. Mammals or hides not listed are priced on request. 

Tree Stripping

Tree Stripping - We have a large selection of cedar trees to choose from to custom strip for you. Stripped cedar trees make great coat racks, tanned hide racks, and conversation pieces. To view a stripped cedar click on the Gallery and take a peek. Prices on the stripped Cedar trees vary on the amount of limbs, tree height, and shipping location. If you are unable to pick up the tree yourself, it can be shipped by cutting the tree in sections and removing some limbs. All sections and limbs are numbered at the point of removal, and a diagram will be included to help reassemble your tree. Metal rods or wooden dowels will be used to put your tree back together.

Wildlife Scenes

Wildlife Scenes - Scenery items can be added to any mount. These items include wooden boxes artificial foliage, snow scenes, artificial rocks/ledges, driftwood etc. Wildlife scenery other than flying waterfowl, which includes a piece of driftwood, is an additional charge. Wood boxes start at 25.00. To see examples of wildlife scenery go to the Gallery and view the fighting pheasants mount. All artificial foliage will be an additional 25.00 and artificial snow depending on the size of the scene will be approximately 30.00. We will assist you in this area to determine your exact needs to produce the mount you desire.

Antler Repair

Antler Repair - Antler repair of all sizes are welcome at Powderhorn. Antler repair includes eye guards, drop tines, broken skull plates, and main beams. All tines are repaired using supporting wires and Epoxy. Repaired tines are then sculpted, textured, and airbrushed/stained to match the rest of the antlers. Prices vary starting with tines at 15.00 per tine. All other prices are quoted to justify the required repairs.

Turkey Head Painting

Turkey Head Painting - All turkey heads are welcome. This is not dependant on the position, or whether they are artificial or freeze dried. To view my work and painting abilities go to the Gallery and look at the heads on the turkeys I have mounted. Freeze dried heads will be prepped before painting by filling all shot holes, cleaning, and texturing if necessary. Prices can viewed in the pricing section. Artificial 30.00 Freeze dried 35.00, you pay the shipping one way, I will pay to have it returned to you within no later than two months depending on the time of year. The average turn around time for this job should be expected to be three weeks.